About Us

Founded in 2003, Wheelin' Team 457 is located at the American Legion Post 457 in North Branch, Michigan.
Based in the thumb of Michigan, it serves the surrounding counties as far north as Essexville and as far south as Roseville.  Wheelin' Team 457 has mentored and demonstrated its talents and knowledge to schools, hospitals, businesses, rehabs, and municipalities.

Wheelin' Team 457 accomplishments include awards and successes with local, state, and national records.  We are 5 years undefeated in the Michigan and Ohio Wheelchair games.  We were recently named top team at the Thunder in the Valley Games and nominated to the Michigan Athletes with Disabilities Hall of Fame.  Wheelin' Team 457 provides not only competition at wheelchair sports events but provides local seasonal hunting and fishing events.   The team and its members have been featured on outdoor shows, news, and media.

Wheelin' Team 457 has grown so fast it now has directors of hunting, fishing, archery, billiards, wheelchair sports, communication, and public relations.  However, we encourage family, friends, neighbors and volunteers to be part of any event and help however they wish. Please contact us to see how we roll!



Home Team of SCOT SEVERN and ZENA COLE, Bronze medalists at the

2012 Paralympic Games in London.

Our Mission Statement

Wheelin Team 457 provides the physically challenged with indoor and outdoor sports and recreation.  It provides education and guidance to the community, the state, and the nation.  We strive to touch the world.  Wheelin Team 457 is a 501-c3 non-profit organization and is funded by grants, fund raising, and private donations. 

We use the word wheelin because it means your wheelchair is moving and we all know that this is better than sitting around with your brakes on with nothing to do.  Our goal is to get you moving.

When it comes to adapting, we have many ways to make the task of participation a reality.  There is nothing more rewarding than to see someone take part in an activity that they thought was beyond their ability.  Come roll with us!