Team Profile

Dale Wood lives in Marlette and farms with his family.  He grows soy beans, wheat, and hay.  He is a c5-6 quadriplegic from an auto accident.  Dale and his wife Danell have three children.  Dale enjoys air rifle shooting, hunting, fishing, golf, camping, and riding the dunes at Silver Lake in his sand rail.  Dale serves as secretary for the team.  Dale is an accomplished gold medalist and a great asset to Wheelin' Team 457.  In March of 2005, he represented the team in Ohio and took fourth place in the NRA Beaman air rifle competition, among the nation's best.  Dale sunk a 25 foot putt for eagle in 2004.  He has appeared on TV5 and Disabilities Today.


Did you know that Wheelin Team 457's own Ben Diaz is an Author?

Ben Diaz, (who writes under the nom de plume of Natureboy) and his family, live in a small community called Goodrich in the state of Michigan. Writing has been an ongoing hobby since he was an adolescent. He enjoys the power of words and the feelings that they can evoke.

Ben (or Natureboy as he likes to say) writes poetry and the romance genre is what he enjoys writing about the most. He attributes much of his poetry to life experiences and a day dreaming reverie which often draws him into love poems.

Ben has taken several classes in Creative Writing at local community colleges. It is at that time he started really honing his poetic writing skills. Free Verse is very evident in his style of writing.

Over the years, he has rebuffed many humorous remarks about how he signed his poetry as Natureboy/Ben Diaz. Natureboy has become his accepted signature on his poetry, and he signs it that way, with a humble acceptance of how he sees himself.

He enjoys handcycling and finding ways to exercise in his wheelchair which is an ongoing challenge to him.


I stress this is adult love poems.. I don't want anybody to be shocked or embarrassed... lol
Love Poems For Sweet Dreams

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